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Prayer in time of earthquake

I posted a while ago about the sacristy in the Church of San Pedro on Bohol Island, the Philippines.  Built in 1602, it is the second oldest church on the island and over the years had survived a serious fire, floods and earthquakes.

Another earthquake struck the Philippines yesterday.  The 7.2 quake struck underneath Bohol Island (BBC News Asia).  This is the Church of San Pedro before and after the earthquake.   


It’s very sad.  The tower looks to be untouched but the rest of it is shocking.  Far worse is the loss of human life, with the BBC reporting that at least 93 people are dead, 69 of whom were from Bohol.  

Another report puts the death toll at about 150 and rising.  Access to hospitals after the earthquake has been difficult because of damage to the roads and bridges and the hospitals themselves.  Thirteeen churches in Bohol and Cebu have been either destroyed or damaged.

Bohol residents have put up altars near the churches where they are praying for the dead, the injured, and the missing.

Prayer in Time of Earthquake 

O God, who set the earth on its firm foundation, spare those who are fearful and show favour to those who implore you, so that, with all dangers of earthquake entirely gone, we may continue to experience your mercy and serve you in thankfulness, safe under your protection.  Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen.  (Roman Missal, 3rd Edition)

St Agatha, pray for the victims of earthquakes

St Gregory the Wonder Worker, pray for the victims of earthquakes

Bohol Island beauty

Loboc church entrance to sacristy

Outside in

The entrance to the sacristy of the Church of San Pedro in Loboc, Bohol, with the vestment press beyond.  

Loboc church sacristy 2

Vestment press

The vestment press straight ahead.

Loboc church sacristy


A closer look at the crucifix over the vestment press.

The Church of San Pedro is the second oldest church on Bohol Island, the Philippines.  Built in 1602, the church was seriously damaged by fire.  Rebuilt in 1638 under the direction of the Jesuits, it has survived numerous floods (it’s built by a river) and earthquakes.  

Loboc church exterior

Church of San Pedro, Loboc, Bohol, Philippines