Today, I came across this lovely picture of Cardinal Muzio Gallo’s (1721-1801) coat of arms sitting atop the walnut doors in the sacristy of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Viterbo, Italy.

Coat of Arms Cardinal Gallo

Cardinal Gallo’s coat of arms

The coat of arms of a cardinal includes a red galero with 15 tassels on each side.  The heraldry and motto are particular to the cardinal.  Cardinal Gallo’s coat of arms has a rooster (gallo) in the middle and the Maltese Cross in the background. 

Here he is without his galero.  Just imagine it.

Cardinal Muzio Gallo by Anton von Maron

Cardinal Muzio Gallo, by Anton von Maron (1785)

The Neo-classical style of the 1785 sacristy, which is covered in walnut and gold decorations, was done at Cardinal Gallo’s request.

San Lorenzo sacristy

Cathedral of San Lorenzo sacristy


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