Patron Saints of Sacristans: there are two!

Good news that sacristans have two patron saints.  We can do with all the help we can get.

St Guy of Anderlecht (Feast Day: 12th September), born circa 950, at Anderlecht, Belgium.  Born in poverty.  Died in poverty.  In between, he was offered and accepted a job as sacristan by his parish priest.  He worked and prayed in the church every day and slept and prayed in the church by night.  But tempted by a rich merchant from Brussels to get involved in a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, he left his job as sacristan and headed off to the city.  The scheme failed and so he returned to his parish.  As penance for what he saw as his greed, he made a pilgrimage on foot to Rome and then Jerusalem, then back to Brussels.  He is also the patron saint of the protection of sheds and against mad dogs, amongst other things!


St Guy of Anderlecht

Theodore the Sacristan (Feast Day: 26th December), a 6th century sacristan at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy, who St Gregory wrote, often saw and talked to angels as he went about his work.

I couldn’t find a picture of Theodore the Sacristan.  The best I could do is a picture of the sacristy in St Peter’s Basilica.


St Peter’s Basilica

St Guy of Anderlecht, pray for us.

St Theodore the Sacristan, pray for us.

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